Pro Touring is about having a car that handles extremely well both in corners and on a straight course. Pro Touring is about making a car that only has reasonable driving performance, perform really well. If done properly it can outperform the true sport cars.

To qualify as a Pro Touring car it must have improved handling provided by suspension modification. Large brakes are necessary to improve braking, and it also has to have large wheels. The reason for the wheels is simple; you can't fit the big brakes within 15" rims. On top of this you need a powerful engine to perform well on tracks as well as roads. Looks is secondary but of course important too.

This site is dedicated to the Pro Touring enthusiasts in Norway, Pro Touring has become very popular among car enthusiast all over the world, and is starting to grow bigger here in Norway.
This site will try to get the enthusiast here in Norway to have a place where we can share ideas and tips on how we can reach our goals with our Pro Touring cars. Pro Touring cars are the Hot Rods of modern time, making old cars perform like new and even better, big wheels with big and better brakes, with modified suspension and with a modified engine it is the main thing with Pro Touring. ”Performance and Beauty”!

Many people mean that the man that it was Mark Stielow that started this trend. Mark Stielow builds musclecars that truly raise the bar. The latest, "Red Devil," is a supercharged 427 that makes tons of power but retains new-car drivability. The complete Detroit Speed suspension system helps it stick to the road. It's no wonder this car won the 2010 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational event! 

Here is a picture of his last build "Red Devil"














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